Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some good news.

My ankle is feeling better, the pain isn't very bad and the swelling is going down, and the bruising has gone a not very nice yellow colour, which is a good sign, my esteemed Uncle Rob informs me. 

I spoke to Gord, my boss, and he said there should be no problem for me to get on a course later on. He said that Norquay do one every month, as do Sunshine and Lake Louise, so between them there's almost one starting every week, so basically I will be able to work and instruct, so that's good news.

He said not to rush back in to things, because he did that before and it meant that things just got worse. If I went back before my ankle's strong enough I think it would pretty much guarantee that I did it again, so I'll just have to wait it out. 

As far as doing something else goes, he said that he thinks pretty much all the jobs on the mountain are filled at the moment, but that he'd speak to a couple of his colleagues up there to see if they have anything available. He also said they always need people around Christmas, so I may well be able to get something, we'll just have to see.

He also said that all the physios in town are really good, so that's reassuring.

Good news overall, just got to get better now.


  1. Hey Jon

    Things are looking up.

    Missed your call on skype last night (it was 01.30 so must have stayed signed in on my phone!)


  2. We have our fingers crossed that everything works out ok for you Jon. Keep logging on to see what you have been upto. Take care lots of love Sally Scott Dan and Joe xx