Saturday, 13 November 2010

Boxing Session # 2

I went to the boxing club again last night where I got a really good work out. The session followed the same structure as the previous one: circuits; sparring; shadow boxing (with weights or resistance ropes); 300s; plank. it was pretty intense but again there was a good bunch of guys there and the instructor is good at keeping everyone motivated and by the end adrenaline was running high and I felt really good.

When we did plank, for the side plank I did what Alex Campbell calls "Shaolin-monk style" for the first 15 seconds, where instead of balancing on the side of your foot with your legs together, you bend one leg and place your foot flat on the floor and hold your other leg up in the air behind it. It's pretty tough and I couldn't keep it up for 30 seconds but I was pleased to do it for half the time after the main body of the class.

We also did some stretching at the very end which was really good, because not only did it provide some cool-down time but it also meant my calves weren't completely seized up today like after the last time.

Things I need to work on in the sparring is keeping mobile, using my long reach to keep opponents at distance. The coach gave me some good positive feedback as well as some things to think about doing better, which was really cool. I can really see what Mr. Oli Moran enjoys about boxing, and at the moment I'm thinking about sticking with the boxing rather than the kyokushin, as I enjoyed the class a lot more.

As far as costs go, I can pay $12 a session (which is a lot, really) or $65 for a month, which isn't so bad, if I keep training at least once and preferably twice a week. I'll have to see how it goes once I start work and have less time.

Also I need to get better at skipping.

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