Monday, 15 November 2010

Snowfall expected.

We've heard there's a snowstorm expected tonight which should bring 10 to 15 centimeters of snow. Exciting stuff, especially since I should be getting my ski pass tomorrow!

Last night Miguel managed to keep his lobster hands until 12, and then for another hour which earned him a drink from me, so that was pretty funny.
Going out in Canada, though, seems to be like going out in England about 2 years ago, as I discovered when in a club full of people going "we . are . your friends. You'll . never be alone again." and "put your hands up for Detroit", which was a little bit what going out was like in first year of uni. Some things do make it only hear a little bit after they come in England, as I regretfully found out when the DJ mixed in, "PaPa Americano" and I nearly just left straight away. I thought I'd lived through that little number quite enough after hearing it every second while at work at Christ's. Matt, Martin, I thought maybe I'd have gotten away from it by putting an ocean in between, but its followed me across the Atlantic to ruin clubs out here as well . . .

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