Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Took my boots down to the ski shop and left them with them to set up the bindings as I said. They said I could pick up in the next couple of days, so I'll go down on Friday and hopefully they'll be ready and I'll get some pictures up for you all to gawp at.

I also bought some sunglasses, ones with pretty decent UV protection and all that Jazz. I would put a picture up but I'm still keen enough to conceal my flagrant vanity that I refuse to take photos of myself, in the mirror, myspace style or, indeed, at all.

Will and I will probably play a little hock again this afternoon in the carpark with some sticks that were left in the chalet and a street hockey ball he bought, which has been pretty fun, although I'm obviously only just getting to grips with how it works.

There's another Film Festival event on tonight, "the snow show" with, as you might expect, films about boarding and skiing, so that should be pretty cool. Plus I expect we might go out to Sasquatch again.


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