Sunday, 31 October 2010

Made it!

It's now my second day here and feelign pretty settled in now. Everyone in my flat is here now, I'm sharing with Alex, Will, Kay and Miguel, all very cool people.
I've gotten a bunch of the stuff I was planning on, including this netbook, which I thought would be . . . good. Look at it compared to the size of my hand . . .

The chalet is really cool, here are a couple of pictures of my room and our living room, kitchen.

That's Miguel you can see a little bit of, I'll put some pictures of everyone up sometime.

Tonight is Halloween, which is a pretty big deal here so we're all going out, I got myself a cheap batman mask  and I've been practicing my Christian Bale style batman voice. Should be a good night!
While typing this, Will, sitting with me and Alex watching some gentle Sunday afternoon Nascar (woop) said, "some local wildlife for you there." I looked out the french door to the balcony and saw this:

So, things are pretty sweet here.
Over and out.