Monday, 1 November 2010

Getting things sorted.

Got my Canadian bank account set up with the Bank of Montreal today; things continue to fall into place.
Obviously, I don't have any money in it yet, so it's pretty much useless till I start work.
I went and looked around for a Canadian sim card or phone or something too but it seems phones in Canada are crazy expensive, they pay 40 cents per minute for calls and 15 cents per texts, and they have to pay for bock sending and receiving calls and texts, so pay as you go works out to some ridiculous amount of money. A guy showed me and Alex a deal for $50 a month which looked ok, but seeing as I'm not gonna buy anything until I've started work and have money coming in, because I don't wanna pay for it from an English account to avoid losing money on the exchange rate and charges for paying from a foreign account, I might as well just wait and shop around a bit online or whatever.

In other news, they don't have Sub of the Day here, which is lame.

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