Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another boxing session.

Another pretty intense workout at boxing tonight. In addition to all the other stuff we normally we also did this thing where, in pairs, you throw a ball to each other, for the first 2 minute interval using only your jabbing hand and for the second only your cross hand. Doesn't sound that bad? The ball weighed 12 kilograms, so it was pretty tough.

It's definitely clear that my cardiovascular fitness is much better than my muscular endurance, and I felt the strain in my arms far more than in my ability to keep going, which I'm pleased to say I was always able to do. Apparently Tuesday is their "tough class" so I'm glad that I still felt good and the end and not defeated.

In the sparring my first two fights were with two of the women there, which was a little weird, especially having come from a club where that meant I would be defending only. My third fight, however, was with a chap called Jon-Jon, clearly quite experience and, although he was a little older and not so quick, he definitely landed a couple of punches. I was kept on my toes which is always good, and I was happy with my footwork in places, sidestepping round his guard to land a couple of cross-punches.

Also, I've gotten better at skipping.

A quiet night tonight, but tomorrow we'll probably head out to the open mic in town again so that should be cool.

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