Saturday, 20 November 2010

Disaster Strikes

On Thursday night while crossing the street in town I fell on the ice and hurt my foot. The middle of the roads are always the worst, with the cars compacting the snow into really slippery ice.
It was cold out so I was walking a little fast and as I crossed the street I slipped and fell. On Friday Aven took me to the hospital and an x-ray revealed that I tore the anterior-key ligament (I think it was) in my left ankle.
This means my foot looks like this:
They gave me a Gel brace to wear if ever I had to get around:
This has two bits that go in the freezer so when I put it on it keeps my ankle chilled. I've also got crutches so I'm able to keep pretty mobile but I'm not gonna lie, it pretty much sucks.

The doctor said that it could be as long as 6 weeks before my ankle is fully healed, but I may be able to ski within 3. I'm going to speak to Gord (my boss at the Norquay ski school) on Monday to see what he says about me starting later or something, so far all he's said is not to worry about skiing and to just get better. Nancy's kindly said she'd also see if there was some other job I might be able to do for the time being to keep me occupied and, more importantly, paid.

Today was Norquay opened, so it could have been my first day's skiing, but instead I'm on the sofa with my foot up tackling insurance claim forms. Oh joy.

Getting around on crutches is not as easy as one might think, it's pretty tough on your shoulders and my right leg, the one I can stand on, begins to ache after a while.
Another big risk is having one really muscular, toned bum cheek and one flabby weak one, so I'll have to think up some exercises to avoid lop-sided hotness . . . just kidding. Seriously though, it is especially frustrating because I felt that I was building up a really good level of fitness at boxing and now that will be pretty much totally undone.

Let's just hope I can make a speedy recovery. The doctor gave me the address for a physiotherapist and which he said would speed my recovery (I guess it ought to seeing as that's the point of physiotherapy) so once the worst of the pain is over I'll head down there and see what it's like in terms of cost.

For now, plenty of film and tv watching, plus I brought A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, and there are a couple of other books here left by previous occupants, so hopefully I'll be able to keep myself occupied.

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