Monday, 1 November 2010

Day three

Halloween was a very good night last night, went round to another GYC chalet where some of Will and Kat's (my flatmates) friends from Plymouth Uni. are staying, then from there out to The Devils Gap and then HooDoo. Met a lot of people and had a good time.

I've looked up the local martial arts club, a Kyokushin Dojo. It looks pretty good, led by a 4th Dan and a 2nd Dan (I think). There's a class tonight so I think  I'll go along, but from looking at the website you have to pay upfront for the whole season or something, which it says is about $200, plus becoming a member of the club and getting the handbook, another $40 or so, so it may be a little dearer than the club back home.

Still, the first class is free so if maybe if it's really good I'll think about it, and maybe the instructor will be able to be a bit flexible. To be honest, I don't think there's much point me becoming a member  seeing as I'll only be training while out here, and I'll have to see how the session lasts for and if I could get some sort of discount for only being here over the winter. However all that turns out, I think its worth heading down to the class this evening and taking a look.

In other news, Alex and I will be going down with Nancy to open our Canadian bank accounts today, I'm sure that'll be fine, and I'm thinking about going for a walk up the hill behind our chalet on Will and  Kat's recommendation. 

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